Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Knit-A-Thon

My needles were flying this weekend.  I'm getting ready for the Pre-Black Friday Holiday Bazaar in two weeks on Saturday, November 20th -  from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Kent Memorial Park Bldg [850 N Central Avenue; Kent, WA] and I'm working frantically to get as many projects done as possible to have on display at my booth; because of course I agreed to participate before really thinking through the time I would need to prepare for the event.

So I went into overdrive this weekend and practically knitted non-stop from Friday to Sunday.   I worked on two scarves - completed one [using Lion Jiffy in Fisherman & Fun Fur in Ivory], still working on a green and black striped one (using this really soft yarn: Beautiful by Sensations in mint green and black - working with this yarn has been a joy because the softness felt great against my fingers as I worked), I also made a matching beanie hat to go with the Jiffy & Fun Fur scarf (I will have pics up soon - still searching for a model). 

I also started a mesh drawstring backpack as well. I have one side done and will probably have the other side done tonight and then it's all about assembly. Can you say cramped and tired fingers.  I took a break on Saturday to watch my son play basketball and I spent most of the game massaging my fingers and hands!  I'm not complaining though - I'm having a lot of fun with my projects and hopefully the customers at the bazaar will enjoy them too.

Another reason why I'm not complaining because after a long hard week at 'the day job' going home and knitting - creating such nice handmade items is very relaxing for me and I can watch t.v. while I work - bonus right?!  So during a Halloween Law & Order SVU marathon on Sunday I was able to get a large portion of my green and black striped scarf done, and when I got bored with that I decided to try my hand at making a backpack [using Lion Cotton in Seaspray].  Variety is what it's all about ya know and as soon as I'm done I will post a picture of all the items I described above. 

Well the day job is calling so I will leave you with a photo of a light blue shrug I finished last week made with chunky yarn that was a breeze to complete using size 15 needles!

Light Blue Shrug with three quarter length sleeves
model: my friend Sandy

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