Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...but the knitting is so delightful

I've been living in Washington now for nine years and I have to say living in the Pacific Northwest is very different from living in upstate New York, for one thing you don't have to shovel rain - thank goodness for that!  I admit during this time of year I miss the white stuff, but not enough to wish New York kind of snowfall on the unsuspecting Pacific Nothwesters of course.  What a disaster that would be!

But I love this time of year (with or without the snow), because I can sit by the fireplace with a Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas (24 hours of Holiday movies & specials every day) and my latest knitting project in my lap.  There's even a couple of radio stations (Warm 106.9 and KJRFM 95.7) that have already started playing Christmas music - I know it's a bit early but listening to the holiday music helps me to get into the spirit. And there is nothing like knitting a little love into a sweater, hat, scarf, or a pair of mittens for a family member or friend while listening to the songs of the season.

And seeing your knitted gifts being worn and enjoyed or receiving pictures from family members of them or their children sporting them is a real kick.

Christmas 2006
My niece Joi (right) pictured with
her best bud in Fun Fur hats
and matching ponchos
I also like seeing what others make this time of year too and my friend Erika made this cute little hat and scarf set for her two year old son for Christmas and it is absolutely the cutest thing - she designed it herself - I'm trying to convince her to write out the pattern...

Duck scarf and pumpkin hat
made by Erika
I have a sister who lives in Baltimore, Maryland and she has four children (Joi pictured above in the Fun Fur hat and scarf is one of them) and every year I send a big Christmas package to her for the kids and she told me once that her youngest daughter who was about four or five at the time jumped up and down when she saw the box that was delivered to their house - she was so so excited she ran to her siblings yelling, "Auntie Stacy's box is here!" she just knew there were all kinds of goodies inside.  My sister said she was more excited about the box I sent than all the gifts under the tree! Doesn't that make you just wanna smile?  It makes my heart sing to know that my sweet little niece looks forward to getting her annual Christmas package from her Auntie.  Last year's project was felted slippers and becasue I fell behind on my projects I wasn't able to send out the package until January. My sister said it was like Christmas all over again in her house - they were a big hit with all the kids. Matter of fact they were a big hit with everyone in my family and quite a few friends as well.
My son sporting his felted slippers

My friend Amber showing off her
Fun fur pair

Made for my friend Angie for her

Made for my niece Joi
last year for Christmas
This year's Christmas projects are a combination of different things, hats, scarves, shrugs, and socks.  Every year I try to learn something new so I can get proficient enough to mass produce for the holidays.  Learning this craft has brought back many memories for me, particularly during this time of year.  I remember watching my mom make us hats, mittens, and booties for our feet to wear around the house or to bed - they sure came in handy when the temperatures dropped below freezing and our house would get very, very cold - but those little booties kept our little tootsies nice and warm in our little beds.  I really miss my Mom, she passed away just three days before Christmas in 1992 and I often wish that she was still here so that we could sit and knit together, teaching, learning and just enjoying the time together.

In closing I want to wish everyone a season of great thanksgiving, joy, peace and happiness.  Happy holidays to everyone and happy knitting/crocheting!

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