Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Has your hobby turned into an obsession?

If someone asked me that question, I would adamantly deny it. No I'm not obsessed, I'm a knitter!  My son, Aiden claims I have gone yarn crazy, that I turned our living room into a yarn shop, and that I don't need to buy another skein of yarn for at least a year. I would say that's not possible - I have so many patterns on my list of to-do's and I can't possibly have enough yarn to make them all... or so I thought!

Just to see how much yarn I really had, I decided to lay it all out in my living room.  I took a long hard look at all the yarn I've amassed over the last two years - most of which was accumulated in the last two months.  And I can tell you amassed almost covers it!  Am I obsessed? Maybe just a little. "Hello my name is Stacy and I'm a knit-a-holic and I'm addicted to buying yarn whenever I can get my hands on a little spare change."  The pictures below only covers about three quarters of it, I have a three drawer cabinet in my upstairs closet along with another Rubbermaid bin stuffed with yarn - I got so overwhelmed with what I had stockpiled downstairs that I just couldn't bring myself to haul it all down from upstairs.

I don't think I have come across a skein of yarn that I don't feel the need to buy - if that's obsessed then I wholeheartedly admit, my hobby has taken me over and I can't seem to stop. There have been times I have gone into a JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts store for something other than yarn and have walked out with a bag full of yarn I never intended to buy - but couldn't seem to help myself.  I suppose a psychiatrist would say I'm making up for something I lacked as a child or some middle-child syndrome pycho-babble nonsense.  But I'd say, I'm a KNITTER/Crocheter and I love seeing what I can magically create out of this fiber we call yarn, that comes in so many wonderful textures, colors, and designs.  Do I need an intervention? Not really. My son would probably disagree, but he'll be going off to college some day and I can convert his room into my very own yarn shop! Shh...don't tell him I said that.

I'll admit, I can't stop in a yarn or craft shop without buying at least minimally three skeins of a new yarn that I find interesting - I tell myself, "I wonder what I can create with this?", and in most cases I find a pattern for the yarn but usually I don't have a clue as to what I'm going to make at the time I'm buying it - but I must have that yarn (compulsive shopper? Nah), and then I stash it away in the closet upstairs, or the Rubbermaid tub next to my loveseat or just have bags of it cluttered in corners all over the house!

And here is what my yarn obsession has gotten me? A living room filled almost to the brim, not that I'm complaining, although when guests come over I think they might complain about having to sit on the floor. So much yarn and so little time to knit!
Wow, look at all that yarn!
So much yarn, so little time for knitting.
Trying out different patterns - hats that
haven't found a home yet.

My work area - the loveseat where I knit and
watch Law & Order SVU marathons

New yarn accumulated for holiday gifts in the last
two weeks - on top of a tub that has even more
yarn stashed away that I've had for about two years
and still haven't started any projects with.
Pattern books I hoard from the library for as long as I can.
Coffee table in front of work area where finished
projects accumulate and all my tools of the trade.
Really cool round basket a friend found at a garage sale
and gave to me to keep my yarn in. I stuff it full with
all my Lion Cotton yarn. Reminded me of a snake
charmer's basket!

Spud & Chloe (superwash 65% wool, 35% organic cotton),
pattern (hooded, sleeveless sweater) for my niece.

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