Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If I didn't have my knitting to keep me sane...

I saw this t-shirt that said, I Knit So I Don't Kill People and I thought... that is so me! Have you ever felt that if you didn't have a hobby you love that allows you to get away from the craziness around you that you would go on a killing spree?  Well maybe not exactly that far, but there are times when I feel like the people around me are so annoying that I just want to smack them right up side the head! Ugh - particularly the ones who seem to be so helpless when standing in front of the copier machine and you have a twenty page document you have to have ready for the boss in like five minutes and the person in front of you can't figure out how to work the damn machine!  Shouldn't that be a requirement of a person before they are hired?  Know how to use standard office equipment, i.e.: copier, fax, computer, printer? Hmm...just a thought.

Well thank goodness for my knitting, it's allows me time to de-stress at the end of the day after dealing with the daily frustrations of stupid people on the job, raising an oftentimes annoying teenager, really bad drivers in Washington, and everything and anything in between.  Have you ever felt that way?  If I didn't knit, I think I'd probably go stark raving mad sometimes - because people can be so annoying at times and other times even more annoying.

Patterns don't talk back, or cut you off in traffic, or make you do a letter over five times before it's perfect!  I'v found that knitting can bring you a lot of joy and when you finish that handmade creation and see your friend or family member sporting the end product you can't help but smile and think life isn't so bad after all.

And since life can be overwhelming at times for me to keep my sanity I pick up my needles [no not to stab that annoying person in the check-out line who can't find the right card to use to pay for a lousy pack of gum and a gallon of milk] and block out the stupidity around me and bask in my world of colors, textures, styles, patterns, and designs.

Ladies small - machine washable-gentle cycle
& dry-low heat
And with that I just finished another shrug last night - this one was a little longer in the making because I used a less bulky yarn and smaller needle [Berroco Comfort Chunky 50% super fine nylon & 50% superfine acrylic in Beet Root, size 9 needle].  It took a little longer but I think the end result speaks for itself.  What do you think?

I also completed the Fun Fur & Jiffy scarf and hat.  All the ladies at work loved it, maybe you will too!
Me modeling hat and scarf
I'm all set for the holidays!

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