Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome to Knitter Mama

Small Market Bag
Welcome and thank you for joining me at Knitter Mama.  Here you will see many of the wonderful handmade knit and/or crochet creations that I knit for family and friends.  I learned to crochet nearly 20 years ago and have made crochet blankets for almost all my nieces, nephews, second cousins and friends' babies.  But crocheting was a luxury I couldn't seem to keep up with, so I had put away my crochet hooks and yarn for many years.

But a few years ago, I joined a knitting circle at work and after a lot of trial and error taught myself to knit, with lots of help from the wonderful group of knitters.  Within my circle I had over 50 years of knitting knowledge - and you can bet I tapped that knowledge every chance I got.

One handle market bag
with honeycomb pattern
Now four years later I have made many wonderful handmade items for friends and family and I was convinced recently to sell some of those items.  I thought to myself that selling my creations would turn it more into work rather than the relaxing stress reliever that it has become over the years.  But some friends just refused to take "no" for an answer and insisted on paying me.

So here I am wanting to share with others my passion and hopefully you will enjoy the handmade items as much as I enjoy creating them.

The market bags you see here are my first attempts at making these and as you can see they came out great.  The are great for shopping, library books, or just about anything you need them for.  I've used them at times as a purse when I go to the Farmer's market and don't want to carry a purse and a market back.  They stretch quite a bit and you can fill them with so much, you will really enjoy their versatility.

Felted slippers - ladies fun fur & orchid
men's dark purple
Now the felted slippers were a big hit last year for Christmas, all my nieces and nephews got a pair and they loved them!

Personal bath set: towel, washcloth, &
soap/bath salt pouch
The personal bath sets are great as birthday gifts - which I gave to two of my sisters and if you pair them with some handmade soap and bath salt you have a great gift basket idea.