I'm a secretary at the 'day-job', a single-mom and a Knitting Mama whenever I can pick up my needles! I began my yarn addiction as a crocheter - learned to crochet about 20 years ago but after my son was born I couldn't seem to find the time to pick up the yarn and hook - I didn't have a lot of down time as a single mother. But when any new additions came into the family I squeezed time out of my evenings to create a handmade baby blanket for the little ones.  When the babies stopped coming I had no need or even time to commit to crocheting - so my hooks and yarn went away into the closet.

In 2001, my son Aiden and I decided to pick up and move from my hometown in upstate New York to the wild wild west of Washington State and of course we were forced to either pitch, leave, or donate most of our belongings we accumulated from living in the same place for over six years, so we packed light for our move, So before I left, I donated my yarn stash and hooks to a local senior center and there went my hobby...or so I thought. Because we were staying with a friend and she had no room for anything extra from us, we put what we did bring along in storage until we could get a place of our own. 

The stress of learning to live in a totally different environment and culture was taking it's toll on me, I needed to find something to help me adjust to the change in environment. That's when I noticed a group of women at work sitting around during their lunch hour knitting, teaching, and creating.  I was eager to learn this new craft and it reminded me of my Mom who used to knit us hats, mittens, and slippers when I was a kid. Unfortunately, she passed away before she could pass on her knowledge.  But I saw this as a way to keep my mom close to me by learning the craft that she loved. 

And when this new opportunity came along to learn what she was unable to teach me, I decided to join the lunch-hour knitting group with my first set of straight needles and some yarn I picked up at Walmart and set to work on learning to knit.  Lo 'n behold I discovered a whole new joy with yarn! I mostly taught myself to knit - but with a lot of help and guidance from the wonderful ladies in my knitting group, which was almost 50 years of experience combined.

Unfortunately as the years passed several of the women in the group retired or moved on to other jobs - so the knitting group dissolved. But I continued with my knitting and have enjoyed creating special gifts for family and friends; as my nieces and nephews can attest - they've received many an item from their auntie (socks, hats, scarves, slippers, vests, sweaters, etc...).  I wish I had pictures of those first few items I knitted - man I've come a long way from straight needle hats with sewed seams!  Now, I know the joys of circular needles and no back seams to hide.

Over the years I've also learned the differences between textures, fibers, and the reason why certain types of yarn are specified in a pattern.  I used to think you could use any yarn and it will give you the same affect every time. Boy was I fiber-stupid back then!  Now, I've learned to appreciate the different types of yarn and how to look for the right ones for my projects.

I still occasionally crochet a mean baby blanket now and again, but I'm really 'hooked' on knitting - even if I do have to use two needles!