Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Farmers Markets Drawing Closer

I'm getting excited, I'm back in my local farmers' markets again this year! I will be at the Kent Farmers' Market in August and the Auburn Farmers' Market in September. I've changed up my inventory from the last time I participated in these markets (2012 and 2013). This time around my focus is on smaller wearables, baby items and toy-like items. Items such as pacifier clips, baby blocks, stuffed toys, keychains, frisbees, hacky sacks, slippers, re-usable market bags, water bottle totes, etc.

I've been working like crazy fulfilling orders and trying to build inventory for the markets at the same time. It's hard but I'm having a lot of fun along the way because every item I make for babies I think of my new grandson who will also be here very soon (August) and I can't wait to meet him. Each baby item I make I think, my little grand baby needs this and he will love that. My son has already put in an order for a tiger teething ring rattle and a Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls) pacifier clip. I have to design the pacifier clip myself because I don't think I can find a crochet pattern for a bull (but you never know, maybe with a little search on Pinterest or Ravelry, I will)!

Well I did a search on Ravelry and low-and-behold I found a pattern for a bull/ox and I will modify it to make him look like Benny the Bull, of which there are many versions of Benny to choose from, so I will be working on that soon.

Here is a sneak peak at what I've done so far to get ready for this year's farmers' markets:

Rattle Teething Ring (Tiger)

Teddy Bear Keychains

0-3 months headbands

Giraffe pacifier clips

Football keychains

Ladybug pacifier clip

These are just a few of the types of items I will have. I hope to see you at the markets. Happy Summer Solstice! And happy knitting and crocheting.