Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What project do you take with you on vacation?

So I've been checking the airline sites to see what is allowed and not allowed in my carry-on for my vacation which is coming up really soon.  I'm going for a visit to my hometown in upstate New York and I'd like to take a small project or two with me to work on while sitting on the long six hour flight and layover in New Jersey. I usually bring a book or two with me, but since I'm not checking any bags this time around, I didn't want my carry-on to be too heavy and with the added laptop bag, I'm already at my two bag limit for carry-ons, so I figured I could find some easy, light-weight project(s) to bring on the plane.

I've been reading other blogs looking for ideas, advice, and suggestions and what I've come up with is I'll work on making two small drawstring bags.  I got this really great pattern during the LYS Tour-Puget Sound called The Question Bag that was a free pattern give-away from the Buren Yarn Stash.  I only need to bring a size 4 needle - 16" needle and one skein of the Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton. I think I can only squeeze two skeins into my purse, so I'll be able to make two of them.

I've already picked out the colors that I want to use as you can see from the picture below. These are really great colors for this bag.  When I was at the Burien Yarn Stash, I saw this bag made in the Ultra Pima in a beautiful red and the color made the pattern pop and the stitches really stand out. I fell in love with the design. I only hope that mine come out as good.

Turquoise and Periwinkle Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton
Great colors to use for this project

The Question Bag
Are you going on any vacations this summer?  Where are you going and what kinds of projects do you bring along with you to work on?  Leave me a comment, would love to hear from you.

On a side note:
Just finished a pair of felted slippers for a friend at work. He was very happy with the results.  He wanted a pair of felted slippers in purple and black in size 10.5...so here they are!


  1. Those felted slippers look great. Felting is on my "to do" list. I've never done it before, but I want to try it.

    For vacation knitting, I usually bring whatever I'm working on if it's a simple project, which most of my stuff is. But if my current project isn't simple enough, I just start my next project and bring that along. If I'm going to be in a car or plane I'll bring something small.

  2. When I'm going on a trip (which I'm doing tomorrow and am quite excited about) I try to bring along a project that is small, for two reasons. First and foremost is portability. Second, I like to bring a project that I can start AND finish on the same trip. The project sort of becomes a memory time capsule of the trip, since the process of making it would have only occurred in that particular setting.

    For my coming camping trip, I'm going to be making some gloves!

  3. Thank you BeardedKnitter and Pam, I did end up taking a small project - the Question Bag is perfect and small enough that its easily portable. I'm almost finished with the first one already.