Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loving my vacation...

I'm having a great time on my vacation.  Loving being home with family and friends. Celebrated my son's 16th birthday here with cousins and siblings!

My son celebrating his 16th with family
Also during my down time I've been working on my Question Bag in the pretty turquoise color that I picked out.  Here it is so far:

Can't wait to hit up some of the local yarn shops.  I checked the Fiber Arts blog to see where the local yarn shops are located.  Want to check out: Trumpet Hill here in Albany, there are a few others in the area, including: BeauKnits and Eastside Weavers that I hope I will be able to visit as well.

Happy Knitting from New York!

Later today:

Bummer, all the yarn shops I visited were closed. Not open on Tuesday's, what is up with that?!  Anyway, I will try to hit-up at least one of them before I leave to head back west!


  1. I love the color of your question bag. Visiting yarn shops is fun anytime, but there's something about visiting a yarn shop that you've never been to. :)

  2. I absolutely agree, unfortunately, they were all closed today. Not open on Tuesday's, just Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.