Monday, February 7, 2011

Noticing Knitwear Everywhere!

Do you find yourself noticing that great scarf on the person in the grocery line in front of you? Or the cool knit cap on the guy pumping gas next to you? Do you wonder if it’s knit or crochet? What stitches were used to make it? Or could I duplicate it when I got home or find a pattern that closely resembles it? Since I’ve started my new love of knitting I’ve been noticing knitwear more and more when I’m out and about. Friends laugh at me when I approach them and ask to feel their sweaters or scarves or want to get a closer look to check out the pattern that’s used. Going a step further I’ve begun noticing the knitwear that are on screen… that is the TV screen. I watch the MoviePlex station on cable and it shows old movies that I watched as a kid and am seeing again years later, but the difference now is I’m paying more attention to the knitwear more than the story line.

I’m even noticing in my favorite TV shows the knitwear of many of my favorite characters. For instance, recently, I started watching a new show on USA, Fairly Legal, on Thursday nights. I’m into cop and lawyer shows so this piqued my interest. The main character “Kate Reed” played by Sarah Shahi is a lawyer in her father’s law firm. The premiere of the show begins with her returning to the firm after his death and she has decided she doesn’t want to be a lawyer anymore but wants to help people, so she’s the firm’s mediator. Well I really got into the show and even found it very interesting, but I found myself paying more attention to the cable knit hat she is wearing when she’s riding the ferry. It stood out to me because cables are the bane of my existence, I can’t seem to get them right and this one looked very complicated and I thought how would someone even attempt to do that? But not only did I notice Kate’s hat, but later in the show you meet her assistant Leo who sports a couple of different sweater vests and regular sweaters that I couldn’t help but notice, they were very stylish, with classic designs and great colors. Matter of fact the one he’s wearing in the photo below reminds me of the Classic Camel Vest by Tara Jon Manning from the Men in Knits book, although the one Leo is wearing doesn’t have the cables, which is what I would prefer making.

Here are some of the knitwear that I've noticed while watching some of my favorite shows:

Sarah Shahi as "Kate Reed" in Fairly Legal
Cable Hat

Baron Vaughn as "Leo" - Kate Reed's assistant
V-neck vest sweater
Candace Accola as "Caroline" on CW's
Vampire Diaries wearing short-sleeved lace shrug
Right: Meaghan Rath as "Sally" in the SyFi Channel's
new show Being Human wearing a short
front/long back cardigan
Chris Colfer as "Kurt" on Glee wearing a fair isle cardigan
B.D. Wong as "Dr. George Huang" on
Law & Order SVU wearing argyle v-neck pullover

Have you taken more notice in the character's knitwear than the actual show?  Tell me about it, I'd like to hear from you.

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