Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Apple Bottom Pants

Last night I finished a pair of my own version of apple-bottom pants. These were made for my good friend, Jodi who wanted something special for her friend who had a baby girl over the summer.

I made a little yellow dress back in August and set it aside wanting to think about what to make to go along with it. Since Jodi didn't need the gift until October, I figured I had plenty of time to think up something.

Well I on Friday, I thought that a pair of pants would be great to go with the dress, since the weather is getting cooler. Since the dress had apple buttons, I thought I could make apple-bottom pants! And I've been doing a lot of colorwork these past few weeks and I've been wanting to learn how to add color to small areas without having to do Intarsia or stranded knitting - a friend from my Wednesday Knit-night mentioned the duplicate stitch.

I looked it up on Youtube and found a really great video on how to use this technique and below you can see what I learned.

The really great part about the dress I chose is that it can be worn first as a dress, then as a tunic, and then eventually as a shirt. It's made out of cotton and will stretch as baby grows.

Little Sisters's Dress (Rav link)
by Tora Froseth Design (Rav link)
Added apple buttons on the side closure
Baby Bell Bottoms (Rav link) by Alison Hansel (Rav link)
Used duplicate stitch (Youtube tutorial) to add little
apples to the bottom of the pants - my version
of the apple-bottom pants for baby.

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