Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shout Out Time Again

I know its been a while since I've given a shout-out to some of the blogs I like to follow, so here are a few to check out:

First up is Dr. Chop Suey Knits, a blog about a research technician who is addicted to yarn and knitting! Who is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. Stop on by and check out her Indiana Trip posts, I had fun reading along with her and her husband.

Next is, I live on a farm.  The reason I really enjoy reading this blog is because the author, J. L. Fleckenstein talks about my home state of New York; living in upstate on a farm, which is witty, always entertaining, with some really great recipes. She also has great pattterns to try out, my favorite is 1Bag. Her blog also links to her website, Etsy Shop, and Facebook page. I really like her story about how she ended up living on a farm, from the author, I lived in Los Angeles most of my life. LA is hot and cranky with too many people and too much summer. In late January of 2006 I met a man online. By the end of April we said “I do” at a drive-up wedding chapel window in Vegas. Now I live on a farm in upstate western New York. I live on a farm … and my husband drives a tractor.  I hope you enjoy reading "I live on a farm" as much as I do.

Ah and who wouldn't want to read the Java Gibber? Just some gibberish about my adventures in knitting, baking and life in general... whilst drinking my coffee. She's a coffee drinker!! And I'm a coffee addict, it's nice to know I'm not the only one! So, stop on by and check out Emicat at Java Gibber.

Next up, Kiwiyarns Knits. I just stumbled across her blog and was hooked [no pun intended there!]. About the author, I am one of those mad crazy knitters out there eats, drinks and breathes knitting.

In 2006, I moved back to Wellington, New Zealand after living the corporate life overseas for 20 years.  My new life in New Zealand was like suddenly finding oneself in a grey zone.  Where had my life gone!? What had I done!?  The time was ripe to find a new interest in life. 

One day, my sister asked me to teach her how to knit again.   After my grandmother taught me as a teenager, I had taught her when she was a little girl, but she hadn’t picked up needles since.  This required a visit to a yarn shop – like her, I had stopped knitting for many years.  I had even given my needles away after all that time.  Out of the phone book, we picked one of Wellington’s local yarn stores.  Walking in the door, I was overcome – all that colour!  All that texture! The sensory overload was too much!  I was hooked!  I too, bought some needles and yarn that day, and since then, barely a day has passed without knitting.

I love reading about people who just make dramatic changes in their lives and seeing where those changes take them. I'm a romantic that way and when I stumbled across this blog I was intrigued about her life in New Zealand.  On top of her life in New Zealand, she has lots of great patterns, good information about the different wool yarns out there and some wonderfully cool photos!

Well I hope you get a chance to check out some of the really great blogs above and for more you can always check out the blogs I follow. And if you know of a blog that would be of interest, drop me a comment with a link, I'm always interested in new blogs!

Just finished today:

A friend asked if I could make the Reverie beret from my blog post "Thinking about my holiday knitting already..." in a size to fit her six seven year old niece. I calculated and tested [knitted swatches] and re-tested [knitted even more swatches] until I found the right brim size that would fit a six seven year old child size head.  Here is the result: made from Cascade Sierra [80% cotton, 20% wool] with a 15" brim.

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