Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Are Your Warm Weather Projects?

Warm weather is on its way (hopefully soon) and I was wondering what will you be knitting/crocheting for the warmer weather?

My first warm weather project is the shawl that I want to finish before my sister's birthday in August.  It's made from bamboo and acrylic, which to me is a perfect light-weight yarn for the warmer weather.  In between the baby projects I have been trying to work on this shawl, which is coming along much better than the knitted version I initially started, if you remember from a previous post: A Story About a Shawl.  I can't wait until its finished.  I'm loving it so much, I may have to keep it for myself - just kidding...I will be giving it to my sister.

Some of the wonderful light-weight yarns that are coming out are absolutely lovely, like for instance from Cascade, their Ultra Pima Cotton.  I fell in love with the colors they have available like this one here:

Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton
This picture really doesn't do it justice, here it looks a little reddish pink, but its really this beautiful dark eggplant color with a luster that will look great knitted into a summer pullover, but I've already decided I'm going to knit a shawl out of it for myself. Haven't actually decided on what design I will be using, but I've come across so many lovely designs.  I just would like a little something that I can throw around my shoulders when I'm sitting out on the deck after the sun goes down when I need a little warmth as the coolness of the evening settles around me.  One of my favorites so far is by Emily Ross, the Haruni Shawl, which is a free download on both Ravelry and Knitpicks.
Isn't it a beautiful design. It's one of my must haves and one day when I can understand the charts better I'm going to give this bad boy a go!  Wish me luck.

If you haven't decided on a summer project yet, go check out Knitty Spring-Summer 2011 edition, they have some great patterns to choose from like the Julia, a sleeveless pullover - reminiscent of the roman-style tunics made with linen. 

Now many of you know that linen isn't always fun to knit with but after a few washings it becomes quite soft and it is just the right yarn to make this stylish summer must-knit.

Or maybe you can keep cool this summer in more ways than one with this Crochet Summer Top. The lacy top is oh-so-pretty and feminine for the office, parties, or any occasion made from Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton:

Some of the wonderful yarns to choose from are coming out too, bamboo, linen, cotton, silk, and many blends of these yarns just to name a few.  You have so many options to choose from for your warm weather designs, go to to your LYS and check them out!

Like going sleeveless during the hot weather, well it looks like you have a lot to choose from in the sleeveless designs then. Check out DROPS Design's 128-25 Top:

Wow, look at that beautiful textured crochet design along the skirt of this tunic. Don't you just love the warm weather designs?

But if you are like me and don't want to show off the untoned arms (due to months of not working out!), there are some nice lace designs with three-quarter lenghth sleeves that are sure to please. Like this crochet Chevron Lace Cardigan by Milobo, a free download from Without Seams:

Or this knit Lace Cardi by Kennita Tully, a free download from the Coats and Clark website:

So many patterns and not enough time to make them all.  Well I hope you will share what you are making for the soon to be here warm weather and I will keep you posted on what I'm working on! So, drop on by and leave me a comment, would love to hear from you.


  1. I love your Cascade yarn; the color is beautiful! I'm knitting myself a summer top for the first time ever. I'm tired of knitting just for the winter. I just started the patchwork pullover from Patternworks.

  2. I'll have to check that one out - Patchwork Pullover from Patternworks. Thanks for the comment Pam!